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10 tips for dealing with Zoom fatigue

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Find ways to increase engagement during online meetings and events

2020 and 2021 feel like the years of online meetings and conference calls.

The Global Pandemic meant that in 2020 we rapidly found ourselves spending hours and hours on a platform many of us hadn’t even heard of before. Suddenly “Shall we have a Zoom on this” and “You’re on mute!” became the year’s unhappy catchphrases.

Although, happily, restrictions are lifting online events and meetings are here to stay to some degree. They offer some practical benefits especially for geographically spread teams but having had so little in-person contact and having spent so long on video calls a genuine sense of “zoom fatigue” has set in.

After one and a half year of Zoom doom, how can we make sure that these online meetings and conference calls capture participants attention and are worthwhile and enjoyable?

10 tips for more engaging online meetings

The Algarve Insiders have condensed their years of experience in organising events into a handy list of tips for making sure your online calls are engaging and valuable.

  1. Mix up the format – Experiment with different formats to keep online meetings varied e.g. Q&A, virtual whiteboard sessions, breakouts discussions with smaller groups, play games, take a poll or have a pop quiz.
  2. Focus on Human Connection – rather than getting straight onto the agenda of the meeting leave space for checking in with colleagues and look for opportunities for human interaction.
  3. Emotional Needs – consider what experience participants will have on their emotional state. What do participants want on an emotional level?
  4. Time off Camera – for longer calls especially, giving time off-camera can be helpful. After initial introductions and hellos invite everyone to turn off cameras for a section of the meeting.
  5. Innovative activities that engage the senses – Video calls are all about looking and listening. Plan something different for the team to do during the call that engages taste, smell and touch too. Cookery or mixology classes work really well for this.
  6. Move into another space – encourage everyone to take their laptop or phone and take the call somewhere other than their desk. Perhaps they have a nice patio or would enjoy sitting on the sofa for a change?
  7. Guest speakers – inviting an expert to come and speak to your team is a great way to add variety and generate more engagement. They may be someone in your industry or something completely unrelated.
  8. Interaction – Look for opportunities to include interaction. Most video conferencing platforms include chat functionality, whiteboards and screen sharing. Use these to increase opportunities for participants to interact in different ways.
  9. Adapt offline activities – Just because the call is online doesn’t restrict you to all activities being digital too. Games like scavenger hunts or rock, paper, scissors adapt easily for onscreen use.
  10. Movement – We are all spending way too much time sat at our desks, look for ways to get participants moving during the meeting. Encourage everyone to dial in using a mobile device and have a walking meeting or incorporate some stretch breaks.

We hope you find these tips helpful, if you would like to discuss your ideas for an online or hybrid event we’d be happy to help. Contact Us